Job Analysis Questionnaire Preparation Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions and Frequent Comments




What Is This JAQ All About?


The Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) is a document that asks you to tell us about your job. We are gathering information about what you actually do. What tasks does the work require? What combination of education and experience must someone have to perform the kind of work you do?  Do you work primarily in an office or are you exposed to hazards working outside? What level of mental and physical effort is required by your job?  These and similar work-related questions are asked.


MAG’s questionnaire gathers information about the requirements of the job, not how well anyone does their work. In the JAQ we ask for information about the work, not about people. There is nothing in the questionnaire of a personal or sensitive nature. The information you provide should be the kind of information that can be used to write an accurate job description. Please write all of your responses and comments in terms of what the job requires, and not in terms of personalities or individuals performing the work.


How Do I Answer That?

Responding to the JAQ can be just as difficult or as easy as you want to make it. Once you get through listing the five (5) or 10 most important “tasks” that your work requires, the Job Analysis Questionnaire is designed to provide several statements that represent various levels of involvement with a specific compensable factor. The JAQ has 14 compensable factors, each of which has a list of 9 or 10 statements. Here’s the simplest way to deal with these factors:

1)    Read the entire list of examples over once, quickly

2)    Re-read the list of examples, looking for specific things that remind you of the work you perform. You will find that you perform work at several levels.

3)    Click the highest level that best represents the level of work you perform on a regular basis as part of your job. After that, go to the comments box on the page and describe what you do that supports your selection. Most of the questions we ask provide these kinds of recognition statements to jog your memory. Don’t fret over the level you choose, just do your best, then tell us, in your own words how the factor applies to your job.


This Factor Doesn’t Apply to My Job!

Great! This page will only take a few seconds to complete.

Still you need to select a level, add your comment, save the page and you are quickly done! Now go on to the next question. MAG has found that all work has some involvement with each of the factors.  Just do your best to find an appropriate selection.


The Job Analysis Questionnaire is designed to include all of the jobs in the organization, and every level of responsibility.  One or several of the factors may not apply to your job except at a very low level of involvement. For example, certain management positions will have greater levels of education than will most office jobs. Using one questionnaire for every job class in the organization allows us to compare every job class against every other job class within the organization, and everyone’s job is evaluated on the same scale.  Different jobs are more deeply involved in some areas than other jobs are.  It is supposed to be that way.


This Is Really Difficult! (or) This Is Really Time-Consuming!

It does require considerable thought to properly describe your work, and it should take approximately one hour to complete the JAQ. If it seems more difficult than that, you are over-thinking it.  While we are asking for accurate information, it is about the work you do every day. Go back and read “How Do I Answer That” and lighten up on yourself.

I Don’t Have Enough Time To Finish!

Normally, we ask for JAQ’s to be completed in seven (7) to 10 days, (and one or two weekends). You can work on it a little at a time and come back whenever you want until you mark it finished. You can get to it on the World Wide Web from any computer that has internet access, including the library or a home computer. You can print it out and work on it by hand, and have a friend type it in for you if you are not a great typist. Of course, if you wait until the last two hours to get started, you won’t have time to do a good job. Start right away, schedule yourself, and you will have plenty of time.


Will My Supervisor See What I Write?

Absolutely. In fact, your supervisor is supposed to provide input as well. Your supervisor’s comments and your comments about the duties and responsibilities of your job together create a document that is recognized by the courts as having been prepared by the “subject matter experts”. However, your supervisor cannot change what you say about the requirements of the job once you officially mark it “Finished”. Supervisors can only agree or disagree with you, and enter their own comments separately.


Do I Really Have To Do This?

Participation is usually required. If you don’t participate or you are tempted to do a half-hearted job, please remember that we are evaluating your job to properly place it in the classification plan. If you help us understand what your job entails, we can be more accurate. If you don’t care, then you are trusting that others in the same job class will properly represent the work that they do, and your work is the same as theirs.


Can Other People Change What I wrote?

Please read through your JAQ one last time before you select the “Finished” button.  Once you mark your JAQ “FINISHED”, no one can make no changes. Be sure to do a quick read-through on everything you have written to assure that it is accurate when you believe you are done, and then return to the MAIN MENU page and click the “FINISHED” button. That locks it up, and no further changes can be made.


Getting Started – Signing On to the JAQ


You can get into the MAG web site to complete your JAQ from the office, from the job site, from home, on vacation or from any location as long as you have a computer with internet access. Use your browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer is preferred) to connect to the Management Advisory Group web site at .



From the home page, click the JAQ button on the left side of the screen.  You will be presented with a JAQ box.



 Click the arrow, select  your organization’s name from the drop-down list and click GO.


Select Your Organization Then Click GO



You will be presented with a login page.

            Enter the user ID:  Employee ID    Enter the password:  Employee ID


Then click GO.



The employee selection page will appear when you have entered the correct User ID and password. You select the first letter of your last name, and then proceed to a drop down list of employee names on the next page.


The information that was provided by your organization will appear in the various fields in the page.  If your information does not appear, please contact HR.


Select Your Supervisor from a list at the bottom of the Employee Introductory Page:


Next, select your supervisor’s name from the supervisor drop-down list, following the same process you used to locate yourself. If your supervisor’s information does not appear, please contact HR.



Once your supervisor’s name appears, click the GO button, and your supervisor’s information will appear.


After your supervisor’s name appears,   click the SET SUPERVISOR  button


Select your supervisor, then





This places your name on a list in the supervisor’s JAQ so that your supervisor can provide the required review of your comments.  The supervisor is not allowed to make any changes in your JAQ, but may agree or disagree with your statements about your job duties and responsibilities. If the supervisor disagrees with what you have said about your job, a supervisor comment must be entered, stating the reason for the disagreement.


If your supervisor’s name is not in the list, report the fact to your HR representative who will need to provide information to MAG so that it can be entered into the database.  Your supervisor cannot perform the supervisor review and your responses cannot be considered until your supervisor has been selected.


Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen to save the identification information page and to activate the navigation buttons at the top of the page.


From this point, it is easiest to click Main Menu, to navigate to the various pages of the JAQ. Just click the button for each page number in order, complete the information and return to the main menu.



JAQ Main Menu



The easiest and fastest way to get around in the JAQ is from the Main Menu page.

If you cannot complete your JAQ in one sitting, log out and return to it later.  You may log back in to your JAQ as many times as necessary to complete it, until you mark it “finished”.




Follow the general instructions on the main menu, and the individual instructions on each page.

To complete most JAQ pages, re-read the “How Do I Answer That” segment earlier in this document.  Read the definition at the top of the page (provided where appropriate).

1)      Read all choices



2)      Select the most appropriate level based on the work required in your job



3)      Provide examples of your work that apply to your selection



Task Statements on the Essential Tasks Page:

Please list at least 5 tasks that are essential components of your job. You can enter as many as 20. Follow the instructions on the page for guidance. For additional help, click the “Show Examples” button on the page.




When your JAQ is completed, click the FINISHED button on the Main Menu page. This finalizes, locks it against anyone making changes to your responses, and enables your supervisor to complete the supervisor comments sections.  Your supervisor is required to review your JAQ, but is not cannot change what you have said about the requirements of your job once you mark it “finished”. 



Your supervisor cannot finish the supervisory review of your JAQ until you have marked it as FINISHED, so please complete the JAQ early, and inform your supervisor when you have done so.




Please review the JAQ completed by each employee covered by this study who reports to you.  These employees will appear at the bottom of the Subordinates page (5) of your own JAQ.  If you do not see the name of one or more of your reports, make sure that employee has started and finished his/her JAQ, has selected you as the supervisor, and has clicked the SET SUPERVISOR button on the employee information page.  If necessary, ask the employee to reselect you as their supervisor, and Click the SET SUPERVISOR BUTTON – NOT the Save button on their own JAQ until their names appear on your “subordinates” page.


Instructions for reviewing subordinates’ JAQs are also found on the Subordinates page.




Management Advisory Group requests that if you have problems, please go back and read the instructions a second time.  If you are still having a problem, you should call your Human resources department. They will have most of the answers to your questions. If there is anything they cannot answer, they will contact MAG to get an answer for you.


Thank you and have an enjoyable experience!