Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ)
Orientation Session
Classification and Compensation Study
Management Advisory Group International, Inc.
MAG - Professional Human Resources Consulting
Management Advisory Group, Inc. (MAG) is a full-service HR
consulting firm providing services in:
classification review,
salary and benefits surveys,
pay plan development,
job analysis and evaluation,
position specifications, and
fully integrated human resources software.
This Presentation Will Cover:
Project Understanding/Project Goals
Role of Employees
Role of Supervisors
Job Analysis Questionnaires
Project Goal and Scope of Project:
The Client seeks to conduct a comprehensive
Classification and Compensation Study for:
approximately XXX positions (full and part-time)
approximately XXX job classifications.
This project IS designed to:
• Ensure internal equity.
• Identify any needed market adjustments to the
classification plan to ensure external equity.
• Make FLSA recommendations.
• Provide a process for future evaluation of positions.
This project IS NOT designed to:
• Identify staffing levels.
• Reorganize departments or functions.
• Evaluate individual employee performance/capabilities.
• Guarantee salary increases.
Role of Employee and Supervisor
• Both Serve as Subject Matter Experts.
• Both Provide Information Used for Job Analysis.
• Employees Provide Bulk of Information.
• Supervisors Review and May Comment.
• Supervisors May NOT Change Employee Answers.
• Supervisors May NOT Delete Employee Answers.
Job Analysis Questionnaire© (JAQ)
• The Essential Data-Gathering Instrument of the Study.
• Used for Job Analysis.
• Employees in Scope of Study Complete Questionnaires.
• MAG provides JAQ Completion Progress List
• Supervisors Review Completed JAQs.
• Review & Analysis by MAG Consultants.
Job Analysis Questionnaire© (JAQ)
View a tutorial if desired:
-click PowerPoint version or
-click flash version
Click the JAQ button
to access your
Job Analysis Questionnaire
Job Analysis Questionnaire© (JAQ)
Select Client Name,
Client Name
then Click Go
Job Analysis Questionnaire© (JAQ)
E-version (Online JAQ):
Enter UserID & Password
then Click “Go”
User ID: Employee ID
Password: Employee ID
Working Title
if different
from official
Check Promotion
Select Supervisor
from list
Job Analysis Questionnaire© (JAQ)
Main Menu
Navigate easily to
every JAQ page.
Checks show
pages SAVED
When completed,
click Finished
Print entire JAQ
Job Analysis & Classification Manager©
Level of Autonomy
Definitions for Client Name
1. Trainee/Apprentice
2. Employee
3. Lead Worker
4. Supervisor/Crew Leader/Coordinator
5. Division Manager/Administrator/Coordinator
(Small Division)
6. Department Director /Administrator (Large
7. City Manager
8. Other
Be sure to click “Save”
Job Analysis & Classification Manager©
Examples are available
Enter Task Statements
Rank order of Importance
% of time spent on task
Areas of Responsibility
for All Jobs
Read carefully and
select the level
that best describes
your job
Give examples
from your tasks to
indicate why the
level selected
applies to your job
Job Factors
• Data Responsibility
• Equipment Usage
• Judgment
• Physical Demands
• People Responsibility
• Communications
• Complexity of Work
• Math
• Assets Responsibility
• Unavoidable Hazards
• Impact of Decisions
• Safety of Others
• Education
• Experience
Licenses &
Select what you believe
is required for your job,
not what you have or
came to the job with.
Also, list any licenses or
certifications that are
associated with
performing your job.
For Unavoidable Hazards and
Sensory Requirements
Select ALL that apply
Give examples from
your work of how the
items selected apply to
your job
Next Steps
Completion of Job Analysis Questionnaires:
Approximately two weeks - INSERT DATE
Supervisors review completed JAQs - INSERT DATE
Classification Review
Market Survey
Development of Draft Report
Presentation of Final Report