Instructions on how to use the Remote Server

Provided by Management Advisory Group, Inc.


To access the server, please follow the following directions:


1. On your computer, click Start  All Programs (or Programs)  Accessories  Communications  and then Right Click and hold your mouse on Remote Desktop Connection



2. Drag the icon to your Desktop and let go; choose Copy Here

3. Now Double Click the icon on your Desktop

4. For Computer, type



5. Click the Options tab



6. Type in your username which is your first name and password (case sensitive)

7. Check the box to Save my password

8. Click the Local Resources tab and be sure Disk Drives are checked

9. Click Connect

10.   Open Classification Manager and browse to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\\databases\YourOrganizationName

11.   Double click database you are looking for; the dates at the end of the filenames indicated how new the databases are

12.   Keep in mind, you can simply copy and paste the database and then rename the copied file in order to have database for you to play with and experiment on

13.   You can always minimize Classification Manager (not close it though) and view your folder on the desktop where your files are kept

14.   Start working


To log off:


1. Be sure to properly exit Classification Manager or else the database will be CORRUPTED

2. Click Start and then Log Off